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AC 45: the Cup before the Cup


AC 45: the Cup before the Cup

To pass the time, and to allow the crews to sail whilst awaiting the big showdown, which will take place this summer on the much-awaited AC 72s, the America’s Cup crews are still racing on the AC 45s.

The last event took place in Naples, in Italy, and finally the Italians on Luna Rossa won this last event in the 45-footers. But to win, they had to sail a superb last leg on ‘Super Sunday’. This last leg carried a larger coefficient and could at any moment have upset the overall classification. With three successive leaders, this fleet race kept its promise, despite just 7 to 10 knots of wind. On the morning of this final of finals, the same Luna Rossa crew lost to the Americans from Oracle Team USA Slingsby, in the match racing final.
The organisers estimate that over a million people crowded into the village and along the sea front at Naples to watch this week of cut-throat racing… Which just goes to show that sailing as a ‘show’ really works!
The next meeting will be in San Francisco, for the Louis Vuitton Cup in July, to select the challenger who will have the honour of racing against the American defender.

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