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MC2 60: it’s sailing!


MC2 60: it’s sailing!

This brand new catamaran, built at McConaghy in China, was launched at the end of April.

The MC260 is now heading for the waters of Hong Kong and its proud owner, who will be able to enjoy this very fast boat. We will keep you informed about the first impressions and the first tests... The second hull will follow rapidly and should be in the water in June.

See the first images under sail on:

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The MC²60 is a semi custom high performance luxury catamaran that will set new standards of speed, luxury and elegance. Sailing in April 2013 The MC² range started with the MC²60. The concept was then extended to smaller and larger models to ...

MC2 60: it's sailing...

Here is one of the most exciting production boats, whose launch is planned for...about now!

A range for the MC²

We have already presented the MC² 60, a fast cruising catamaran, advertised as weighing 8.9 tonnes, built at McConaghy in China, and whose first example, which is currently being built, should be launched next September. 
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