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Launch of the Alpha 42 catamaran


Launch of the Alpha 42 catamaran

The n° 1 in the Alpha 42 series has just been launched at Long Island (near New York, USA).

This catamaran, thought up by Gregor Tarjan from Aeroyacht, one of the multihull specialists in the United States, positions itself in the niche of cruising boats which are easy to handle shorthanded, offer real pleasure at the helm and have good performance.There is no doubt that with its rotating carbon mast, its nice sails by North and its reasonable weight for a cruising cat (9.2 tonnes unladen), the nice hull designed by Marc Anassis NA and its wave-piercing bows it succeeds in its wager of appealing to blue water cruisers.

In any case, the owners of the n°1, a couple of experienced sailors from Germany, seem delighted with their new boat, which will be presented as a preview at the Annapolis Boat Show, before taking them on a long cruise in the West Indies. The builder has received eight firm orders on the basis of the plans, proof of the soundness of the concept.

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