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O Yachts catamarans, Class 4, 5 and 6


O Yachts catamarans, Class 4, 5 and 6

Built in Latvia to Erik Lerouge designs, with interior design by Clifford Denn, the O Yacht catamarans are fast ocean cruising boats, which bear in mind that to live for a long time aboard a boat, you have to feel comfortable on it...

The first example of the series is the Class 4, currently under construction, whose n°1 will be in the water this spring. It will then start a huge programme of tests and validation of the various concepts fitted aboard, before starting the tour of the boat shows in 2015. The Class 4 is offered in versions from a bare hull to a ready to sail boat, with a length of from 14 to 15 metres, depending on your programme and your equipment.
The builder is also offering a Class 5, 17.7 metres long, a blue water catamaran designed to be handled by a couple looking for both performance under sail and comfort aboard. Construction of the n°1 should be starting soon, according to our information. To be continued.
Finally, the good news is the definition of the Class 6 by the builder, a big, 20-metre catamaran about which we will be talking again very soon...

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