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Multihull Boat Show: an exceptional edition


Multihull Boat Show: an exceptional edition

We can never say it enough: those of you who didn’t come to the International Multihull Boat Show were wrong.

The weather was fine, even if the Mediterranean gave us a very strong wind on the final day. There were lots of boats, several of which were being presented to the public for the first time (Nautitech Open 40 - Privilège Serie 5 - Alibi 54 - Aventura 43), and we were present at the birth of a new brand of catamaran, with the Balis, built by Catana. The 45-footer will be presented at the next Cannes boat show. Finally, the visitors came from all over the world (the prize going to an Australian reader, closely followed by our biggest fan living in the Lebanon...) and had a great time visiting, gathering information and even testing. A really big and wonderful multihull festival!
And for the record, note that as in previous years, a regatta was organised for the exhibitors. Faithful readers know that the Multihulls World crew won (brilliantly) the first edition of this Multihull Cup. Last year, the Leopard crew took advantage of our withdrawal to win. This year, the organizers had invited Christian Campi’s pirogues to the show, so that the visitors could discover the multihull’s origins. And we raced on these pirogues, using paddles. Once again this year, the Multihulls World crew did well, even though we only finished on the third step of the podium, the fault of a paddle smuggled out of the USA which was finally not as effective as all that. Lagoon always chases victory in this competition, and once again this year, they came up against a stronger crew. They finished second. And the winners were, finally, the Swiss Catamaran crew. After having fought hard in each of the previous editions, they finally won, but after having called on crew...from the America’s Cup! Finally, and to cap it all, note that a women’s regatta was also organised, and the Multihulls World/Léopard Catamarans crew easily and brilliantly won.

See you next year for the sixth edition!

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