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The Cat vs. Board match has started again...


The Cat vs. Board match has started again...

But which is the fastest? In the history of the magazine, the matches between cats, trimarans and boards have often been the talk of the town, and above all, have led to some crazy bets between enthusiasts on all sides.

The first confrontation took place in 1988, between Pascal Maka (the world water speed record holder) and his windsurfer, and Paul Avasse’s foiler trimaran ‘Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur’. .. At the finish, out of the three legs raced, the board won twice! It must be said that although at that time the trimarans were the fastest ocean racing machines on the water, the speed record over 500 metres belonged to the windsurfers, with runs at nearly 45 knots.

In 1999, another confrontation took place, between the 60’ trimaran Paul Vatine and the windsurfers Robert Teriitéhau, Jochen Krauth and Patrice Belbéoc'h, over the crossing from mainland France to Corsica. No fuss, the victory returned to the multihull, even though Teriitéhau had a lead of up to 15 miles over the boat…before breaking his board. The same result at the end of 2002, between Fred Le Peutrec’s 60’ Orma trimaran and Jochen Krauth’s board: the trimaran was faster!

In the latest confrontation to date, Tom Buggy’s kite challenged the Extreme 40 ‘Land Rover’, during the Muscat leg of the ExtremeSailingSeries. Normally a member of the catamaran’s crew, Tom Buggy challenged his fellow crew members over a 3 mile ‘there-and-back’ course on the flat water of Muscat, in a wind of from 7 to 9 knots. In this tricky match, the kite stayed the course over the first 1.5 miles, but was blanketed at the turn and was never able to catch the 40-foot catamaran. As a result, the protagonists have decided to do it again on the next leg...
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