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Round the world on a sport catamaran: here we go again!


Round the world on a sport catamaran: here we go again!

Yvan Bourgnon is currently attempting a completely crazy feat: sailing round the world, singlehanded, on a sport cat. He set off at the end of 2013 from the Atlantic coast of France, for an adventure of around 27,000 nautical miles, with 27 stopovers. Except that he was shipwrecked in Sri Lanka, and his cat was completely destroyed on the reefs; miraculously, the sailor was unharmed...

With his boat in tatters, the adventure was in a sorry state. His first idea was to try and find a sport cat locally, and to prepare it to finish his round the world voyage. “I only have 5,000 miles left to cover in protected waters (Red Sea and Mediterranean) before crossing the finish line in Les Sables d’Olonne, so I think the hardest part is behind me...” Obviously, seen like that!
But finally, Yvan has chosen to rebuild his boat. To realize this feat, he has found some new sponsors, and above all, launched a big crowd funding campaign on the internet. The hulls of the new boat will be rebuilt in France, at Caen. The other parts of the catamaran will be manufactured in Sri Lanka, from where Yvan will set off again at the end of January 2015, for an estimated arrival next March.

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