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Venezuela in catamaran – to go or not to go?


Venezuela in catamaran – to go or not to go?

This is the big question that our readers on the way to the Caribbean ask us: is Venezuela a safe destination, and should we go there?

The forums are full of terrifying stories (often the same stories reinvented) and the number of cruising boats going there has reduced considerably over the past few years. So... To go there or not?

Here is the e-mail sent by Benjamin, one of our readers, aboard his catamaran Samaya:
“We hesitated, because of the pirates and the formalities. Finally, everything proved to be simple, cheap, and above all sumptuous. We stayed in the offshore islands, to avoid the crime close to the mainland. La Blanquilla is good for a short stay of 2 – 3 days, with a visit on foot or in the dinghy to the Baie de l’Américain – no entry formalities, but a complete search of the catamaran by the Guarda Costa. Los Roques and Los Avez are without a doubt the most beautiful places of the voyage. Superb coral reefs, small islands everywhere, an alternation in the colors of the water from very dark to very light, some splendid beaches, mangrove swamps full of birds, a wonderful seabed, full of fish..."

The sites listing the attacks and acts of piracy mention two attacks in Venezuela in 2012 and one in 2013 (which doesn’t mean that there weren’t others – especially on the mainland). And none in the most visited, pleasantest islands: Los Roquès, Isla de la Blanquilla and Los Avès de Sotavento and Barlovento.

For more information on the area, don’t hesitate to visit the web sites
and (non-governmental organization for marine safety in Venezuela).

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