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Catana 53 & 70 catamarans


Catana 53 & 70 catamarans

Catana caused a sensation by launching a new brand of catamaran, and developing 4 genuine new boats (Bali 4.0, 4.3, 4.3 MY and 4.5) in just a few months.

But that hasn’t stopped the company continuing its own development, as proved by the new Catana 70 and 53 catamarans.

Catana 70 catamaran n°1 has in fact just been delivered to its owner, and the first tests have shown a catamaran with impressive sailing potential. It must be said that the mast measures nearly 30 meters and the sail area is particularly generous. As you read these lines, the team of journalists from Multihulls World will be aboard Arcadia V, for a test which you will be able to read in our next edition (#144).

The Catana 53 catamaran is announced for 2016. This brand new catamaran picks up the 59’s lines and modular lounge, as well as the 360° view from the steering position. A long-term cruising catamaran, just like all the Catanas, equipped with new hulls and benefitting from all the experience acquired with the new generation 59 and 70 catamarans.

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