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News from the charter companies


News from the charter companies

Some news from the charter companies all over the world.

Cabin cruising in the Seychelles
The Seychelles need no introduction. It's one of the jewels of our planet in terms of sailing destinations. Okeanos is offering a chance to discover these islands on a catamaran with your own cabin. There are three different circuits available: Granite; Coral and Lagoon. Three different cruises, but each will help you to discover the marvels that the Seychelles have to offer without chartering the whole boat. Prices from €540 per person.
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A different way to discover Thailand
It's really worth the effort to (re)discover Thailand by boat. And if that means sailing on an unsusual catamaran and being as eco-friendly as possible, then that's even better! Sail On is offering a cruise to discover Thailand, leaving from Phuket on a Catathaï 34, with Alexis and Marion, who are passionate about boats and Thailand.
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Yachtig is organizing training courses on TS42s and TS50s in the Caribbean during January and February 2016. You can mix both pleasure and learning whilst sailing on fast boats in beautiful sunny waters. .
From April, courses will start again in Brittany on the Outremer 45 "Tuvaou".
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Jamaica by catamaran
There are some destinations that we dream about... Jamaica is one of those places, yet up until now it hadn't been offered as a location by charter companies. You can now rent a Lagoon 52 (with crew) in Jamaica to discover one of the most likeable of all the Caribbean islands
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Latest news from ACM
ACM Catamaran, the training specialist for cruising catamarans is now offering a fleet of catamarans to charter on the Côte d'Azur in the South of France. In 2016 two new catamarans will join the fleet: a Leopard 40 and a Lagoon 400 S2.
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