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Alibi 116


Alibi 116

The company led by Loïc Goepfert is presenting this exceptional trimaran project.

Inspired by the evolution of the 100 to 130-foot round the world record-breaking trimarans, the ambition here is to design a yacht which is as fast, comfortable and avant-garde as the most ‘ultimate’ Wally-type monohulls, but on three hulls. Technology from the ocean racing multihull world has been exploited to achieve exceptional average speeds and offer a cruising program with a hitherto unheard of range. Its futuristic looks and huge egg-shaped deck form a ‘loft’ with a 360° view and very spacious accommodation, VIP cabins and a master cabin in the aft hull with direct access to the sea. Effortless controls are planned to easily exploit the power and concentrate the energy available, for the passengers’ pleasure. To this end, quarters for 4 or 5 crew and a professional galley allow the 8 guests to be pampered. In accordance with the latest efficiency criteria, the rudders are very far forward, thus freeing up stowage for the water toys, jetski, etc., at the after end of the hulls. To add the finishing touch, a big tender is stowed forward on the central hull, with a crane.

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Your Alibi sails fast... very fast ! All the rest is up to you !

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