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Rallies / Transats or how to sail in good company.


Rallies / Transats or how to sail in good company.

There are those who set off alone, ready to live the adventure to the full, and looking for the authenticity of improbable encounters... And there are those who prefer good organization!

For the latter, several transatlantic or round-the-world rally organizers exist, to allow you to discover the most beautiful places in the world at your own pace, without having to be bothered with the organization, which is always complicated.

The ARC is the oldest rally: it has been leaving from Las Palmas to reach Saint Lucia in the West Indies since 1986, and brings together the biggest fleet: over 200 boats. It is such a success that a second departure is now being organized from Cape Verde, with around fifty boats, again heading for Saint Lucia...

For those who prefer a more relaxed pace, note that Jimmy Cornell, the inventor of the concept and creator of the ARC, is now organizing various rallies called Odyssey. These rallies focus on conviviality, and allow participants to sail round Europe (European Odyssey), around the world (Blue Planet Odyssey) or across the Atlantic (Atlantic Odyssey).

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