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Turquoise waters, enchanting lagoons, multicolored fish and an extraordinarily beautiful seafloor, Polynesia continues to be the now-accessible destination of our dreams for most ...



In the world, there are many places where cruising in a catamaran is a real dream. But just the mention of the name Tahiti makes eyes light up with a unique gleam. Tahiti really is ...


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The world’s biggest lagoon… Here is the fabulous playground that awaits you for your cruise in New Caledonia. A cruise to the other end of the world that will take you back to ...



Everyone who sails has some day or other dreamed of cruising on the blue waters of the Pacific, to those evocatively-named South Sea Islands : Marquesas, Austral, Society, Gambier ...


Baja California

Baja California was until now famous for its car and motorcycle races in the desert, and for the marine sanctuary that the Cortes Sea represents. Commandant Cousteau even called it ...



If, like the famous English sailor James Cook, you like discovering new lands and real emotions, you will love the Tonga Islands. This little kingdom has not really changed since ...


New Zealand

Cruising in New Zealand means being lucky enough to discover a country of sailors who are passionate about multihulls, as well as, and above all, some incredibly preserved, ...

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Pacific - Polynesia

Turquoise waters, enchanting lagoons, multicolored fish and an extraordinarily beautiful seafloor, Polynesia continues to be the now-accessible destination of our dreams for most of us. Now, we are free to follow in the footsteps of Cook, Melville and the mutineers of the Bounty throughout the 118 islands of French Polynesia…

Practical info


There are two main starting areas for those who would like to rent a boat in French Polynesia: Raiatea, in the archipelago of the Leeward Islands, and Tahiti. Actually, it is actually quite easy to sail within the Society Islands. The passes are better and better marked, and once in the lagoons, there is no real problem. Obviously, in the context of a “relaxed” cruise, it is best to start from Raiatea. This island and its neighbor Tahaa are located in the same lagoon, which provides many mooring opportunities without any need to go out to sea. This will delight inexperienced crews… For those who prefer to cover some territory, you can consider going to Huahine or even all the to Bora-Bora. Huahine and its lagoon offer good anchorage possibilities and Fare, the island’s small capital offers a museum-shop in honor of the talented painter and singer Bobby, well worth the visit… The legendary Polynesian island is, of course, Bora-Bora, one of the most frequently visited in the archipelago. Once in the lagoon, you can do as you like… There are plenty of places to anchor, all more beautiful one than the other. This is particularly true in the northern part of the lagoon, with truly wonderful seafloors with water of an indescribably blue. If you start from Tahiti, you will have little other choice than to go to Moorea. The island’s capital, Papeete, is very noisy, with infernal traffic conditions; this is surely not what you are seeking in Polynesia. There are lovely anchorages, such as between the big island and the peninsula of Taiarapu (at the Gauguin museum). In Moorea, although the anchorage is beautiful, it is not very good, unless one takes the precaution of mooring on the sand at the eastern entrance to the bay. Finally, as an amusing aside, Cook never dropped anchor in the famous bay that bears his name, but in the nearby Bay of Opunohu, during his third voyage to Polynesia. He preferred this mooring to that in the Bay of Matavai in Tahiti. It’s up to you to see whether you agree…

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