‘Nomades des Mers’

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‘Low-tech’ means simple, ingenious systems which allow basic needs to be addressed, and which can be manufactured anywhere in the world. Very little research exists into these systems, which are however useful for millions of people in the world, in both developing countries and in towns. The idea is to build a big catamaran which will serve as a laboratory, and call on the creativity and ingenuity of a whole community via the internet to find viable solutions, and allow the boat to be completely self-sufficient in water and energy, as well as in food and materials.
Utopian? Not at all: behind this project we find, among others, Corentin de Chatelperron, who has already sailed from Bangladesh to France in a boat built using jute...
So whether you are a researcher, a student, an enthusiast or a brilliant do-it-yourselfer, join the community to solve the 50 technical challenges already launched, and share your ideas, your knowledge and your brilliant inventions...

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