2015 Grand Pavois: a special area dedicated to multihulls

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Introduced in 2014, this multihull area welcomed more than thirty boats, including numerous new ones. In 2015, the organizers decided to go even further and become the essential show for multihull enthusiasts on the Atlantic coast, attracting even more builders and foreign visitors, by taking advantage of the numerous direct flights from La Rochelle to the UK, Switzerland or Belgium, and the show’s relative proximity to the Iberian Peninsula. Because where else would you be lucky enough to see so many catamarans and trimarans, and above all as many professionals allowing you to prepare your purchase and your future sailing and/or long term cruises, on the Atlantic coast?

In 2015, the Grand Pavois doubled the number of pontoons and offered a genuine Multihull village afloat, welcoming catamarans and trimarans of course, but also – and this is a first – the builders who didn’t necessarily have a boat at the show, but wanted to present their expertise to the visitors (for these builders, the organizers have concocted a particularly attractive deal...). Of course you will also find the Multihulls World stand on these pontoons, close to our favorite boats!

Finally, the Grand Pavois organizers also wanted to develop the test area, to provide visitors with the possibility of testing the new catamarans and trimarans being presented. Direct access to the sea allows sea tests of numerous boats presented at the show to be easily organized.

In concrete terms this year, over 100 boats will be able to organize sea tests throughout the day. A real ‘plus’ for the visitors looking for their perfect catamaran, who will thus be able to discover in situ the advantages and seakeeping qualities of their chosen boat...

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