35th America’s Cup – off to a good start!

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Since 1851 there has been the Defender – the one defending its title – and the Challenger of Record, the one launching the challenge first, which then becomes the representative of all those looking to take possession of the famous jug. At the end of the historic final of the 34th Cup, the Australians, representing the Hamilton Island Yacht Club, were the first to challenge the new winner. Alas the Challenger of Record threw in the towel even before the first important date.

We must mention that to guarantee a greater number of challengers (there were only three in the last edition), the Americans have had an idea which is...original: make the entry fee very expensive! To continue the adventure then, the teams must have paid over one million dollars before 8th August. At least we quickly knew who was really interested...

There are finally six teams officially entered to date: Team USA, holder of the title, and the Swedes from Artemis Racing, the British from Ben Ainslie Racing, the New Zealanders from Emirates Team New Zealand, the Italians from Luna Rossa Challenge and finally the French from Team France.

The 35th America’s Cup will begin in 2015, with the World Series, to be raced in the AC 45s, and then the actual Cup will take place in 2017 on 62-foot catamarans with foils and rigid wing sails. We don’t know yet where and when the event will take place; the announcement should be made at the beginning of next year...

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