50 years of Dragonfly

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The idea then was to offer well-built, fast, robust boats, and to invent new standards for trimarans, whose production was then just beginning. Because right from the start, the builder turned towards trimarans, and in 50 years, over 785 trimarans (out of 1100 boats built) have come out of the Skærbæk boatyard.

In 2017, the company is still situated in the same little town in the Jutland region of Denmark, and now it’s Jens Quorning – Borge’s son – who is developing the Dragonfly range of trimarans.

Dragonfly celebrated its 50th anniversary at the Düsseldorf boat show, and took advantage of the occasion to announce a special offer for all the enthusiasts interested in one of the boats in their range (25 - 28 - 32 and 35').

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