A dinner at NEMA

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Itʼs a fun gathering with good food and good people, great story to share from a fantastic 2013 sailing season. A slide show was presented full of sun, smile and wind.
The result of the 2013 racing season were announced by race chairman Steve Parks. At the third place was the Corsair 24 Glowboat, skippered by Ed Sinofsky. The 2nd place went to Peter Vakhutinsky and his Corsair 27 Tritium. Finally, the first place went to Michael Divon and Jamie Ebinau and their Corsair 37 Milk & Honey II.
The tradition to have a captivating speaker for the gathering was respected with the presence of Dirk Kramers, a veteran of the Americaʼs Cup and a multihull lover. A brilliant man, part of a team who made a 72ʻ catamaran fly!
In 1988 a catamaran won the Americaʼs Cup - Starʼs & Stripes - skippered by Dennis Conner. Dirk was a part of this team, making sailing history with a wing!
Through his lecture, he offered to the “multihullers” an inside look into the making of the 34th edition of the Americaʼs Cup.

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