Balance Catamarans on test

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The first Balance 451 arrived in Florida at the end of August, and the whole team concentrated on perfecting this n°1, with notably the builders, Lee Xinxiang and Micah Zimmerman, as well as the designer, the New Zealander Roger Hill and the whole team from MultihullCompany, who took it in turns to be with the owners, so that everything could go as well as possible. Everything went well, and the boat was ready for two days’ demonstration organized at the end of September, for potential buyers. The Balance 451 will of course be displayed at the coming Annapolis Boat Show, and it will be possible to test it at sea on 15th October next, just after the show. Hull n°3 of the Balance 451 will be in the water at the end of the year, and n°4, in April 2015.

Meanwhile, the Balance Catamaran team in South Africa is putting the finishing touches to the new Balance 526, which should be in the water next April...

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