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But until today, trimarans available for charter were rare. Beamy, less liveable than a cat, they didn’t manage to appeal to charter clients... However, a builder now exists which has succeeded in combining the advantages of the trimaran (lively, seaworthy, easy-to-handle) with those of the catamaran (space, privacy and volume). With the Neel 50, the future 60 and above all the 45, the builder is offering a full range of comfortable ocean cruising boats which are also pleasant to live aboard both at sea and at anchor.

This is what certain charter companies said to themselves, and three Neel 45s are now available for charter this winter in the West Indies. So, whether you choose to leave from Martinique to go and discover the Grenadines, or from Guadeloupe to go and enjoy the Saints and Dominica, you will be able to find what you are looking for.

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