Comet Cat 37 catamaran by Comar

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A very pretty catamaran with pure lines, which offers attractive interior accommodation. It must be said that catamarans of this size are quite rare, and that the performance figures advertised by the builder are rather flattering. Designed by Marc Lombard, the Comet Cat 37 catamaran weighs 5 tonnes unladen, and has slim hulls. A lot of work has been carried out to optimize weight centering. The n°1 in the series has already left for China, before we had a chance to test it, but we should be able to test the n°2, which is currently being finished at the yard.

Note that Comar has already prepared the future, with a whole range of sailing catamarans (50’ and 62’) and two motor catamarans, 38 and 50 feet long.

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