Coville around the world.... on his trimaran

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He is setting off again, for a fourth attempt on the singlehanded round-the-world record, aboard his faithful trimaran, Sodebo. The aim of course is to beat Francis Joyon’s fantastic record, which means sailing round the world via the three Capes (Good Hope, Leeuwin and Horn) in under 57 days.
“It’s my competitive spirit which makes me want to set off again. The adventurer in me has seen it and experienced it; he knows. The competitor I am today is always unsatisfied! ... As long as the aim hasn’t been achieved and the desire is still there, I have to go back and win this match!”
The match between Idec, Sodebo and now also Banque Pop VII, Prince de Bretagne 80 and even Spindrift is therefore relaunched. Merci, messieurs, for having us dreaming...

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