Dragonfly trimarans weekend

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Moreover Jens Quorning, manager of the Danish yard which has been producing the Dragonflies for 30 years now, couldn't get over it, and explained to anyone who wanted to listen that it was the first time he had seen so many of his boats on the same stretch of water.
On the programme for these two days of festivities: sailing, of course, but also and above all encounters and exchanges with other owners.
15 boats from the Atlantic coast answered the call of Multi Sailing, the French importer, from the fixed arm Dragonfly 800 to the Dragonfly 35 Ultimate. Ten owners from the Mediterranean, Belgium or Switzerland also joined the group to sail on the boats present; about sixty people went to sea to enjoy weather which was… very Breton! Lots of wind (over 25 knots), a rough sea, and we saw Jens Quorning at the helm of an old-generation Dragonfly 920 Cruising, using his experience to make the more recent, faster models such as the Dragonfly 920 Extreme or the Dragonfly 35 Ultimate dance to his tune. Hats off!
The conviviality and positive feedback convinced everybody: we must do it again soon!

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