Escapade Lagoon: conviviality first and foremost!

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14 catamarans and 70 people: this is what this latest ‘Escapade Lagoon’ represented. On the dock, there were 5 Lagoon 400s, 3 Lagoon 380s, a 420, a 440, a 450 and of course this year’s guest star, the 42, which has been a big hit since its launch in Düsseldorf last January. Most of the skippers couldn’t resist the desire to visit the boat for long... We must admit, in its metallic gray livery, it looked really something.

A short history of the Escapade Lagoon: the first one took place in 2009, in Marseille. The second was held on the Atlantic coast. Two years ago, the Balearics were chosen. These owners’ meetings are the opportunity first of all to sail, then to meet other owners, and of course party! Conviviality which perfectly suits cruising catamarans, which are without a doubt a little more epicurean than their single-hulled cousins. Evenings with an orchestra, a tour of the island, prizegiving...the crews weren’t disappointed!


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