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Although the Tour de France à la Voile has now gone over to multihulls, the organizers haven’t dared to go as far as selecting a foiler; not the case for the ExtremeSailingSeries, which is going to abandon the Extreme 40 after almost a decade of good and loyal service. The organizers’ choice has turned to the GC32 catamarans, whose circuit has shown spectacular sporting potential.

The ExtremeSailingSeries remains one of the pioneers of stadium regattas, and is above all the first to have organized a world circuit with the world’s best sailors. In 2016, the circuit will be celebrating its 10th anniversary. The opportunity to offer a new craft, which will allow the crews to literally ‘fly’ in front of the spectators at each of the circuit’s stopovers in the four corners of the world, from St. Petersburg to Cardiff, via Sydney.

This transition to foils will also be the opportunity to take another look at the ExtremeSailingSeries format. Legs between pros and amateurs over short courses will be organized, as well as events on open waters when the stopover town configuration allows.

There is no doubt that the GC 32 catamaran, capable of top speeds of 40 knots, will put on a great show, without needing too much wind...

Another important element for the growth of sailing and boats with foils - the organizers want to develop a worldwide pyramid, with the introduction in the medium term of a series of events which will be a breeding ground for the ExtremeSailingSeries at the summit of the pyramid...

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