First round the world trip on a sport catamaran

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But now the adventure has become quite simply staggering: having left from the French coasts with Vincent Beauvarlet, Yvan Bourgnon is finally continuing his adventure singlehanded.
Setting off again from the Canaries, the sailor has just reached Martinique, after 19 days at sea in very trying conditions, having encountered violent winds (60 knots!) and had other experiences which proved that this is not a banal adventure... In a storm, the boat was flipped over ‘like a pancake’, and the sailor was towed by the boat on the end of his lifeline. “I panicked; I couldn’t get back to the catamaran. I fought like a madman, ferociously, and managed to reach it and right it...” he said simply at the finish.
After the necessary repairs to his 6.2-metre catamaran, he set off again for the Panama Canal...

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