GForce 1200, Caledonian version catamaran

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‘Fissa’ is a GForce 1200 catamaran designed by Jeff Schionning and built in New Caledonia by Marine Performance for its owner, who is particularly happy to be able to sail in a fast, fun catamaran:
“The boat has proved to be very safe. Its large beam makes it very stable, and a gust results in strong acceleration. It is very stiff (no visible torsion in the gusts, unlike my former production catamaran). It is pleasant to helm. I don’t use an autopilot, or the engines...”
An experienced sailor and windsurfer, Laurent wanted a fun boat, capable of taking him both inside and outside the Caledonian lagoon (Vanuatu, Australia, Lifou...). He chose the GForce after having drawn up a shortlist, including the TS 42, the Spirited 380 and the Fusion 40. It was the GForce’s power which led to the final choice...

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