Gunboat G4 catamaran, it’s coming...

Published on 22 march 2015 at 9h00

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But there you are, you can build a 40-footer catamaran, but remain in the realms of the exceptional. This is what Gunboat has aimed to do with this really liveable boat, which is as fast as a racing cat. For liveability, the builder is offering two genuine ‘queen-sized’ beds in the saloon, with an uninterrupted view of the sea, a full ‘island’ galley, and all the comfort necessary for spending several days at sea. For performance, the G4 catamaran is equipped with foils, allowing the all-carbon catamaran, weighing just 2,700 kg unladen, to rise above the waves, to reach impressive speeds. The hull of the n°1 has been taken out of the mold, and after the time it takes to finalize the accommodation, the G4 should be in the water in February, with the first test in Miami in the spring...

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