International Multihull Boat Show: we were there!

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Numerous boats, new products, world premieres, varied stands and sunshine: this fourth edition was an undeniable success, with a public of connoisseurs who had come to enjoy this show, which is unique in the world.
We were able to appreciate the availability of the architects present at the Multihull Club Design, as well as the quality of the projects presented (such as the attractive Tan 66 or the Jaguar, a promising new motor catamaran). And of course there were the boats, including the Tag 60 (see the full test in this magazine) which attracted a lot of attention, the world first presentation of the Cumberland 47 LC and Ocean Voyager 53, and the discovery of the Leopard 48, Lagoon 52 and Lagoon 39 afloat... But that’s not all, as around fifty multihulls of from 23 to 75 feet had made the trip, to the delight of the visitors, who were thus able to judge, measure, compare and visit all these wonderful boats.

But the Multihull Boat Show is also the opportunity for our big family to get together and celebrate our passion. The exhibitors thus replied to our invitation to a giant picnic the first lunchtime, where everyone brought along their region’s specialities. A very special mention for Nigel (Jaguar Catamarans) who brought every incredible thing his native Scotland had to offer food-wise. Impressive for us poor continentals! We were also spoilt by the Tenderlift and Catana ‘crews’, not forgetting Chemins d’Océan, with Sybille’s delicious ‘gardiane’! Thanks to all!

The Multihull Show is also the occasion of the famous regatta between exhibitors. You can’t possibly have forgotten that last year, the Multihulls World crew won. Once again this year, we were at the helm of these superb Multi23 machines every evening. Well, when we say at the helm of a Multi23, we mean that our dear organisers had done absolutely everything they could to ensure that we couldn’t crush the competition once again. Organising races at the same time as the press conferences, creating a TV programme where our chief editor was supposedly indispensable... In short, we weren’t able to defend our title, and weren’t even told about the start of the semi-finals. Never mind, once again this year the ‘Mediterraneans’ won, with the brilliant performance of the Léopard crew, who live and train in Nice (just like Multihulls World). As a result, there is a rumour that the organizers have decided that next year, so crews from the Atlantic can win, the regatta should only be open to residents of the cold seas. Swiss Catamaran, once again on the podium, will certainly then have a good chance…

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