Lagoon catamarans : the price of success

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The reason for this concentration was not Lagoon’s own boat show, but the price of success and constantly increasing orders. As a result, Olivier d’Enquin, in charge of the delivery of Lagoons built in the Vendée region of France (from 12 to 15m long) was snowed under, and the winter weather did the rest. We must point out that in ‘normal circumstances’ you will find no more than a dozen cats waiting on the Lagoon dock. But as the weather had not allowed them to cross the Bay of Biscay, around thirty boats were stuck on the dock, not to mention the fifteen or so boats ashore, waiting to be launched. However all this slightly exceptional activity had a pleasant side, as many crews from all nationalities were rubbing shoulders, sleeping aboard whilst awaiting their departure. So as you passed close to the dock, you could hear Greek, Russian, Turkish, Portuguese, Croatian, Spanish, Canadian, English, Austrian, or Columbian being spoken...
But with the arrival of spring and the good weather, everything has returned to normal and both cats and crews have left for the four corners of the world...

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