New trimaran Corsair Cruze 970

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The Cruze 970 has the difficult task of replacing this icon, certain of which have sailed round the world, as well as at incredible latitudes, such as in the Arctic, for an impressive trip through the North-West Passage.
The Cruze 970 is a development of the Corsair 31, but with greater comfort aboard, reminiscent of what was done on the Corsair 37. Aboard the Cruze, there is around 15% more space than the 31, and above all, better headroom, as you can stand up in the saloon... A genuine revolution!
But this comfort does not get in the way of the Cruze 970’s nautical qualities; it remains a genuine Corsair trimaran, foldable of course using the system dear to the company and validated by over 2000 boats...

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