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With this in mind, he created the ARC rally. Jimmy has now just launched various rallies focussing on conviviality, and allowing participants to sail round Europe (European Odyssey), around the world (Blue Planet Odyssey) or across the Atlantic (Atlantic Odyssey). These three rallies are either underway, have already taken place or are about to depart...
To meet requests from certain participants in the Atlantic Odyssey and the Blue Planet Odyssey, the organiser has just announced the creation of the Pacific Odyssey, a new rally for boats wanting to cross into the Pacific, after having enjoyed the West Indies.
This rally will be linked to the Blue Planet Odyssey between Martinique and the Marquesas, then will take place independently every year.
The itinerary is tempting, with a departure from Martinique on 11th January 2015 to sail to the San Blas, then through the Panama Canal to head for the Galapagos, and finally the long passage to the Marquesas.

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