News of the Hydroptère trimaran

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With no sponsors, its skipper, Alain Thébault, has been waiting, and has now convinced two Californian companies - Finesse Solutions and Shasta Crystals – to help him get his beautiful trimaran flying again.
So, the Transpacific is once again the aim for its crew, who hope to set off next spring. Meanwhile, at the end of the year, the Hydroptère welcomed a distinguished guest, Lars Abromeit, a journalist with Geo magazine, who came to make a full report on this incredible multihull. After sailing three meters above the surface of the water, with the foils just scratching the sea at 31 knots, the Hydroptère quickly reached Catalina Island, the destination for this rather special cruise...
As for the Hydroptère’s replacement, it is currently being designed, and its aim remains to sail at 80 knots.

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