ON TEST : Trekker X1, the waterproof Smartphone, by Crosscall

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In short, we move around quite a lot. And during our travels, we sometimes (certainly more often than other people) fall in the water, or drop our precious cellphone, which nowadays acts as a computer, for answering our e-mails and checking the speeds reached during our tests. In short, if the smartphone falls in the water, it’s a disaster!

Fortunately, genuine waterproof smartphones now exist. We have had the Trekker X1 model on test for a few days - a genuinely waterproof (we tested it) smartphone with a large screen (5”), equipped with 4G. In short, ideal for reading nautical charts and answering e-mails in a hostile marine environment. The result of this test over a few days: it’s the best! The only slight criticism is that the machine is bulky, but that’s the price to be paid for having a large screen. The big ‘plus’ is the battery, which allows the machine to be left on standby for nearly a week, which means you don’t have to be forever looking for a plug during a day at sea.

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