Outremer Cup: a windy edition

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Outremer catamarans owners like long voyages. But they also like to meet up for the traditional regatta the builder organizes every year at the yard: the Outremer Cup is a subtle mixture of racing, festivities and fun.
This year more than two hundred sailors aboard around twenty catamarans of all generations and representing twelve nationalities met up to party and show that their boat was (of course) the best and the fastest. And those who wanted to do battle on the water got their wishes, with tough conditions, a steady 20 knots of wind with 30-knot gusts on the Friday, 25 on the Saturday, before the wind…vanished completely. Difficult conditions for the crews who hadn’t mastered the subtleties of sailing in the Mediterranean.
In the racing, the brand-new Outremer 4X dominated, winning all but one of the legs, whilst the cooking, drawing and music tests occupied the evenings.

Next year, the Outremer Cup will be celebrating its twentieth edition, and there is no doubt that the builder will be celebrating the event in the appropriate manner!

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