Proa, trimaran and catamarans

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And a proa is always an event in our small world of enthusiasts. We’ll keep you informed once we have had the opportunity to test it...
But the builder also has a lot of refit work, with the Golden Oldies fleet of trimarans (Aile Bleue, Pat's, Moxie, the ex-Fleury Michon IV) or repair, following a dismasting – a 30m carbon mast from an Orma 60...But that’s not all, as the builder has started construction of a trawler catamaran (RS 57 '), designed by David Reard, 17 m long and 7.5m wide, with an unladen weight of 9.2 tonnes. Propelled by 2 x 75 hp Yanmars, consumption should be just 1 litre/mile at 8/9 knots... This boat meets a specification aiming for simplicity in use, fuel economy and easy maintenance. The launch is planned for autumn 2014. An eclectic builder!


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