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After the Azores and the Bermuda, the trimaran reached New York, before speeding to Panama and after a stopover in Valparaiso, reaching Easter Island at the end of May.

The idea is to take stock worldwide of the plastic pollution in the oceans, by visiting the beaches of islands present in the heart of the 5 known waste vortices. In less than 300 days, they will cover nearly 40,000 miles, punctuated by 11 scientific stopovers and 9 to raise public awareness, in 13 countries.

Finally, note that the Ströher family, owner of MS Tûranor PlanetSolar, the first boat to have circumnavigated the globe using uniquely solar energy, has decided to offer its catamaran to the Race 4 Water Foundation. The idea is to turn PlanetSolar into a mobile analytical laboratory to fight against the pollution of the oceans...

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