Sailors rescuing shipwreck victims

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This association is all about men and women who are faithful to the principles of solidarity among seamen and women. They created ‘SOS MEDITERRANEE’ and chartered a boat to save the small craft in distress, which are sinking at a frightening rate off our coasts. Aboard, shipwreck victims – men, women and children – who are fleeing an oppressive regime, a war, economic hardship or the consequences of climate change.

In 9 months, the men and women from the boat Aquarius have carried out 42 rescues and saved more than 10,000 people, who without them would have been lost at sea.

This urgency is even more essential in the rescues this winter. The Aquarius is now the only boat in the area and yet, on the most dangerous migration route in the world, while conditions for the crossing are deteriorating, it is going to have a lot on its plate to ensure that this sea that we love and on which we sail doesn’t become a cemetery for numerous men, women and children…

SOS MEDITERRANEE is an association, independent of any political party or religious denomination, which is founded on the respect for human beings and their dignity, whatever their nationality, origin, or social, religious, political or ethnic beliefs. Its vocation is to assist any person in distress on the sea within the perimeter of its action, with no discrimination. A nice message in these troubled times, which corresponds well to the mentality of seamen and women…

We need you!

Sailors have a sense of mutual aid. And we never leave anyone in danger on the sea. So if you feel concerned, don’t hesitate to help SOS MEDITERRANEE. For your information, 30 euros is the cost of one hour at sea for a rescue boat. And in one hour, they can save quite a few lives.

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