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Yves arrived in Bangladesh in 1994 aboard a barge (!!!!) which he had brought from France. The aim of this foolish trip? To turn the aforementioned barge into a floating hospital. A man who likes a challenge, certainly.
The cooperation with the naval architect Marc Van Peteghem quickly turned into a staunch friendship and the two of them worked with their association Watever, to improve the life of the Bangladeshis. In this huge delta, all the inhabitants live in a close relationship with the ocean and its rivers, and unfortunately accidents at sea are a daily occurrence. The association estimates the number of sailors lost at sea at 30 per day.
To fight against this intolerable situation, the idea of creating a rescue service was born.

The M.S.R.S. (Maritime Search and Rescue Society), a non-governmental, non-profit-making company was therefore launched. The aim of course is to save lives, but also to provide a set of training courses and develop an accident prevention program aimed at the fishermen and the seafarers, as well as passengers and all users in this country with millions of boats. In the long run, there should be around twenty stations along the Bay of Bengal and the mouths of the big rivers.

Today the M.S.R.S. is off to a good start. The first station should see the light of day soon, and cheap reliable means of calling for help are being developed.
A nice project, led by a man, Yves Marre, who likes to say: “I’ve learnt that you mustn’t be afraid to dream.”

We need you!
Sailors have a sense of mutual aid. Watever needs you, to launch the rescue service in Bangladesh.
for more information and to make a donation.

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