Shuttleworth design - Mayflower 400

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Co-named Mayflower 400 and MARS, it will be a genuine research laboratory, in partnership with Plymouth University, and will be over 100’ long. Using solar technology and the wind for its energy production and its propulsion, it should have an unlimited range. The Atlantic crossing, planned for 2020, will celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower’s crossing from Plymouth to Massachusetts, in 1620. The two-masted trimaran configuration has been chosen for its better speed/energy efficiency, and a solar panel deployment system, a bit like those seen on space craft, will serve to supply the automation necessary for handling the sails and the propulsion when the wind is absent. Discussions have of course begun with the authorities having jurisdiction over maritime traffic control linked to independent vessels. A campaign looking for finance and technical partners has been launched by Plymouth University.

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