Solstice 35 catamaran

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Andrew Trujillo has sent us his new work, a 135-foot (35-metre) catamaran, equipped with a double rig (one mast on each hull) and with proportions that are...impressive! With a 21-meter beam, the Solstice catamaran offers a huge living area (250m² just on the main deck). Andrew decided to work on the Solstice after a discussion with one of his friends who is currently building a little catamaran equipped with two masts. The single mast in the middle of the platform is certainly practical, but also creates some problems from a structural point of view, and numerous racing boats have demonstrated the concept's relevance... Solstice has been designed to be built in aluminum, for the well-being of its 8 guests and...the 7 to 14 crew members!
An exceptional catamaran!


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