Sunreef 74 Carbon - Diana

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With carbon fiber construction elements, which allow compensation for the weight of the long list of equipment – including two dinghies and a Jacuzzi – performance has been improved. As the in-house architect, Adrien Jousset, underlines, “we have sailed at up to 42° to the apparent wind with 15 knots true and a boat speed of 11 knots...” For safety, the helm station is equipped with touch screens, allowing automatic adjustment of the sails, as well as a system of load cells, to avoid overloading the rig, as was the case on the first 80’ Carbon Line. The accommodation, decorated in shades of oak, beige and white, with relaxing rest areas perfect for a family cruise, offers a lot of space for enjoying life aboard. The galley, with an abundance of stowage space, and a mess for the crew, has been placed down below, at the aft end of the port hull. The same volume on the starboard side is occupied by the crew cabin. Direct access from these crew areas to the engine compartments is planned. The middle and forward parts of the hulls are reserved for the owner and his family and/or guests.

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