Sunreef equips its motor catamarans with IPS

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We must say that although the system is now classic on motor yachts, it remains rare on catamarans, and especially on the biggest of them. This year, the builder has improved the system further, and has just fitted it to the Sunreef 70 Power ‘1 Life’. The increase in pleasure is impressive, as with a simple joystick, maneuvers, lateral movement and even rotation are now all extremely simple. Not to mention the improved fuel consumption management.

This same Sunreef 70 is also equipped with a brand-new hydraulic platform, manufactured by Tenderlift, which allows tenders, scooters and jet skis to be taken out of the water quickly. The platform, controlled by a hydraulic system, is very light (100 kg), simple, and easy to use. It can be lowered 600mm below the surface and can raise equipment weighing up to 450kg

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