Sunreef Supreme 68 Power

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Athena, designed and built in Gdansk, is a development of a line which puts the emphasis on urbanity, with an area of no less than 300 m², including a 65m² interior nacelle made up of glazed areas over 360°, looking over the exterior nacelle, a bit like the penthouse at the top of a skyscraper in one of our big cities. The resemblance of its superstructure to that of the rigged version is disturbing, as the boat is equipped with two Volvo IPS 800s. We bet the hulls below the waterline are very distinctive, to take the power, especially as the boat’s 7,000-litre fuel capacity gives it a transatlantic range. It is equipped with a garage never seen before on a catamaran under 70’, where a 5m dinghy, two jet skis, diving equipment and the water toys can be stored. In its lowered position, the garage door forms a platform for watersports.

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