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At sea, Cammas is racing on an Inter 17, in the framework of his Olympic preparation, and in Extreme 40s. Last year, he spent 320 days on the water, and he hopes to do the same this year: “but in addition, I work every evening for Team France, wherever I am in the world. We have a top-quality team...”
For his part, Michel Desjoyeaux has just returned from the Transat AG2R (which he finished in 10th place) and is devoting all his energy to the design side, for which he is responsible.
Meanwhile, a few time zones from Paris, Olivier de Kersauson is using the time difference to his advantage, to fish during the day (he lives in Polynesia) and work at night: “I haven’t seen Olivier so committed to a project for a long time,” said his friend of the last 24 years, Louis-Noël Viviès.

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