The 2015 Grand Pavois: even more multihulls

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For the 43rd edition, which will be held from 16th to 21st September 2015, multihulls will have a totally dedicated area, where all the players in this very dynamic (and friendly) industry will meet up. Last year, 30 boats were on show to the public. There’s no doubt that in 2015 there will be even more, making the Grand Pavois the essential boat show on the European Atlantic coast.
But what should appeal to both the 100,000 visitors expected and the exhibitors alike, is the setting up of an area dedicated to sea tests. At the Grand Pavois, there is direct access to the sea, and since the first edition (in 1973), tests have always been organized. But to be able to get out, the boats had to be situated at the end of a pontoon, which inevitably limited the number of them which could really be tested. In 2015, the test boats will benefit from a whole marina, with around a hundred berths available.
Finally, 2015 will also be the year of the ‘Grand Voyage’, which will have pride of place at the show...
Enough to appeal to lots of catamaran and cruising devotees!

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