The Atlantic in two days...

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The Atlantic in two days is possible, according to the instigators of Team Great Britain, who want to take the Blue Riband Atlantic Challenge, the famous Blue Riband, which rewards the fastest boat between New York (Ambrose lighthouse) and England – a distance of 3106 miles.

To do this, the team has designed a 34-metre catamaran, the TGB 34. Designed by Andrew SN Lea and George Robson, and built in carbon, the beast will be able to cruise at 62 knots, thanks to its six engines. For the moment, a 4-metre long prototype is already sailing, and has reached 70 knots!

The current record has belonged to a 91.3-metre boat (Cat-Link V) since 1998, with a time of 2 days and 20 hours.

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