The Golden Oldies Multihulls in the Route du Rhum

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The ‘Golden Oldies’ are former racing multihulls whose passionate owners are bent on sailing, to everyone’s delight.
At the last moment, Loïck Peyron ‘abandoned’ his little yellow 12-metre trimaran, to take the giant Banque Populaire to victory. So in the end there were four of them at the start.
Jean Paul Froc in Groupe Berto (sistership of the first winner in 1978): Jean Paul beat Mike Birch’s 1978 time in Olympus. He won his bet: 21 days, 14 h, 42 min and 21 s.
Charlie Capelle in Acapella reached the finish of his fourth Route du Rhum in 22 days and 12 h.
Pierrick Tollemer in Ensemble pour Entreprendre/M’Pulse in 25 days and 7 h after three technical stopovers, what great competitive spirit...
But it was Etienne Hochedé in Pir2 who impressed us most: he finished in 18 days, 9h, 37m and 11s, at an average speed of 8.02 knots. Pir2 finished 5th in the Multi 50 class and first ‘Golden Oldies Multihull’. We will remember the comment from Julien Mabit, skipper of the trimaran Komilfo: ‘Let’s compare what is comparable. Etienne and his trimaran Pir2 (from 1983) took the same time as Marc Pajot in 1982!!! Elf Aquitaine was much bigger and its skipper much younger. Bravo Etienne!’
We couldn’t have put it better!

Everything about the Golden Oldies:

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