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The Maverick 440 sailing catamaran at the Miami Boat Show 2015

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Designed by sailors looking for a catamaran which was easy to handle, yet capable of taking them to the ends of the Earth, the Maverick 440 is aimed at blue water cruising. But the big advantage offered by the yard is that the boat can be customized to suit the individual owner’s program. On board, you are overwhelmed by the feeling of volume and space for a boat of this size. This is a boat which will allow its crew to sail far and for long periods. Not only is self-sufficiency the aim, but also on-board comfort and so gives the possibility to have built the boat of your dreams. At Maverick they love sailing and sharing the owners’ passion, so every boat built is unique…
Bossa nova, the Maverick 440 on show at Miami has new interior features, notably in the bathrooms and in the galley.

Check it out at Miamarina, Bayside - C13

To find out more: www.maverickyachts.co.za

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