The Multihulls babies

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We start with the main news, the birth of Charlotte, a pure Multihulls World baby, as her mother Catherine looks after the magazine’s advertising (brilliantly). A new addition who will obviously become a great skipper, as she is already training to only sleep for 2-hours at a time. The 2034 Route du Rhum will be hers!

But that’s not all: at Leopard Catamarans, Guillaume has just had a wonderful new baby. With such a father, there is no doubt that this beautiful baby, called Thibault, will like motorbikes, parties and above all...sailing. And as at Leopard they have a group spirit, Sebastien couldn't resist: he also decided to become a dad. Result: Alexandre, a cute little baby, has just arrived.

Welcome to them, the relief is already here!

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